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Dear Hobby Artistbook

Since more than ten years i write books abaut handycraft for different publishing companies. In German television programs i show the use of various materials in handycraft for children and adults, so that they can express there own creativity.
Two years ago on the Frankfurt Book Fair i got an invitation from a Dubai TV station, to perform there. Unfortunately, shortly thereafter, we had a flood, which ruined my office. Gone with the flood was the address.

Ever since, i dreamed to bring the skills closer to hobby artists, children and adults in the Middle East.
Fortunately, by a frequent visitor to the Middle East, i was encouraged to write this book and fulfill my dream. Finally i decided to publish my own book 'For You'. Endless hours i have spent in a photo-studio and the result is now in your hand.

DubaiSome time ago i had a real strong sucess with a microwave technique for silk painting. Using a mircowave oven, i reduced the fixing time of 4 hours, down to 4 minutes. This technique is explained in this book. Techinques about for Porcelain Painting, Marbling, Textile Painting an a lot more complete the book.

My book 'For You' hopefully encourages you to let your creativity become reality ant to have fun.
Uschi Wieck

Read here: German Press about my time in Dubai.


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